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Social media has quickly become a key part of your online marketing.


Many businesses have realised the importance and are reaping the benefits. You too could be one of those companies!


Social media is evolving all the time as platforms change it is important to change with them. A different marketing approach is used to target your clients, customers etc through SOCIAL media.


One of the platforms has made their ads available to smaller businesses by using the same approach as Google Ads.


So what can LookC do for you?


- We get to know and understand your business. We are very personable.


- Build your social media strategy and implement it.


- Communicate with you as to what is happening and
   but staying true to your company/brand.
   By following instruction or using own initiative.


- Revisit the strategy after using it for 3 months and
  evaluate and report back.


- We can also set you up on all the platforms to take
   you into the social media arena with or without


- Set you up with a YouTube Channel with your own
   video clips.- or film and edit a short video production
   for you.






We have various packages that you might be interested in. However each package does have the flexibility to be modified slightly to fit your needs.


Please note the price may vary if modifications are made.


If you see a package that might interest you then please don't hesitate to get in touch.


Email: enquiries@look-c.co.uk or

call: 01767 315109 .




(3 platforms) from £175.00





3 months management from £350 per month

6 months management from £325 per month

12 months management from £300 per month


Premium £375 per month includes video package


Please contact us to discuss your requirements all these packages are extremely flexible.


Look C overall winner for 2014

email: enquiries@look-c.co.uk - telephone: 01767 532010 -
LookC -142 Shortmead Street, Biggleswade, Beds SG18 0BH

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